Ben was the highlight of our annual staff retreat a few months ago. People are still thanking me for his amazing show and talk, and how well they tied to our retreat's purpose.  Ben was an absolute delight to work with and took extra time to understand what we were trying to accomplish by weaving what he did with our theme.  He went above and beyond...doing far more than we ever expected.  Ben was a pro in every way...from pre-arrangements, communication, and set-up to incredible interaction with the audience.  On top of everything, Ben's a great individual...a multi-talented and wonderful person.
Elaine Wood, CEO, Networks Northwest

Before you can lead, motivate, or influence ...
you have to know how to connect.

Click above to see Ben's TEDx Pitch Night talk. He was selected to give the full talk at this year's TEDx.

For centuries, mentalists have astonished audiences with the ability to connect to—and influence—people’s thoughts and desires. In an age where technology and digital connection reign, these demonstrations of true human connection have become even more profound, proving there’s something more to being human than our plugged-in world can offer.

These mind-reading techniques are closely-guarded, but now, one of America’s top corporate mentalists will reveal and teach mind-reading strategies audiences can immediately apply to their lives, allowing them to truly connect with--and motivate--their friends and colleagues. (He’ll also teach them a really cool trick). Technology not required.

your attendees will learn:

  • The traits of someone people want to connect with
  • The most important thing you have to absolutely avoid doing when trying to connect
  • The body language of a person people are naturally drawn to
  • The power of the human voice and how to speak so people want to listen
  • The real secret (and science) behind likeability