Secret seats at the Opera House...

Theatre, magic, and Scrooge! For more than a decade I've been working on an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol combining theatre and magic, and I'm happy to say the dream is coming true this Thursday!

Parallel 45 Theatre with CherryT Balldrop are producing my adaptation of A Christmas Carol at The City Opera House December 1-18. More importantly, in true Christmas spirit, 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities. I'm more proud of this than anything.

This will be a theatre experience unlike any you've seen. There will be magic, music, holiday spirits (both on stage and at the bar!), and even specialty seating just for this show! I want to make sure you get the best seats, so here's the secret...

If you go to you can buy balcony tickets to the show, but the seating chart will look as if the majority of the floor seats are sold out. THEY ARE NOT!

If you want the really good seats (the first couple of rows) the only way to get them is byCALLING  The City Opera House and requesting them.

The phone number to call is: 231-941-8082
Say you're a friend of Ben Whiting and ask for seats as close as possible to the show.

Again the phone number to call is:

I sincerely hope to see you there, not only so you can share this amazing and magical Christmas experience with your friends and family, but so we can all help support the local charities that make me proud to call this community my home.

Holiday Cheers,

P.S. If you have children who are well-behaved request the "Rug Seats" for them when you call. They will be inches from the actors (and maybe even get to help on stage)!